Games You Can Play with Ping Pong Balls

Games You Can Play with Ping Pong Balls
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Having a wide range of interesting games you can play gives you multiple options of fun activities. The different games can help you enjoy your spare time, both alone and with friends. You can use the different ping pong balls available at for these games.

If you want to play new games with the ping pong balls apart from table tennis, then you are in luck. In this article, we’ll discuss some interesting games that you can play with ping pong balls.

Top 5 Games You Can Play With Ping Pong Balls

The following are five of the most interesting games you can play with ping pong balls.

Pong-bucket Challenge

The pong-bucket challenge is also called the ice bucket challenge. You need to bounce a ping pong ball on the floor, make it bounce off the wall at the same time, and catch it with a bucket filled with ice.

Fill up the bucket with ice and have the players place it on their head. The score is recorded when the ball enters the bucket after bouncing back from the wall. You are not allowed to sit down, touch the bucket or kneel while catching the ball. It is registered as foul play.

When you can not accurately catch three balls, you have lost and so, you have to pour the ice on yourself.

Ping Pong Hunt

This game is based on your ability to collect plenty of ping pong balls in a pool. You can play this game when you organize a pool party. It requires participants to collect as many ping pong balls as possible in containers that will be placed at the edge of the pool.

You can make the game more interesting and slightly different by marking the ping pong balls and assigning them to specific persons or groups. Each person or group will be responsible for picking as many balls from the set assigned to them. The balls can also be assigned varying points.

The person or group that has the most points or balls wins the game.

Beer Pong

You simply need a table, ping pong balls, beer, and cups to play beer pong. You can also decide to use other drinks, alcohol or liquor other than beer according to your preference.

You need to arrange the cups in a pyramid shape on opposite sides of the table and fill the cups with the drink of choice. After making these arrangements, you can then have the two teams or players on opposite sides of the table.

The game is about aiming to throw the ping pong balls into any of the drink-filled cups across the table. If you shoot accurately, your opponent has to take the drink inside the cup you throw the ping pong ball.

The side that makes their opponent empty all the drinks in the cups by taking the most accurate shots wins.

Junk in the Trunk

You need some ping pong balls, strong tape, and an empty tissue box to play junk in the trunk. It is also necessary for the players to wear a belt around their waist, and have music playing in the background.

Now, you might be getting surprised about how all these things come together to make an interesting game. It’s quite easy as you simply need to strap the empty tissue box to the belt of each player using the strong tape you have collected.

Furthermore, you need to fill the strapped empty tissue box with about eight ping pong balls. You then need to have a neutral individual watch each player to avoid cheating. The player able to empty the balls from the tissue box by only swinging their waist and hence the tissue box wins.

The Ponginator

You need plenty of ping pong balls with different colors, a chair, table or any other hard surface and an empty egg box to play the ponginator.

The game requires you to arrange the chairs, table or other hard surfaces in circles with the empty egg boxes at the center of that circle. Each player should be provided with a sac or container of ping pong balls of a specific color. They then have to stand behind the arranged flat surfaces and bounce the balls off it to get into one of the holes in the empty egg boxes. The player who’s able to have five of their ping pong balls in the empty boxes first wins the game.

It sounds quite simple, but getting the ping pong balls to go in the empty spaces inside the egg boxes can be quite difficult. Although, ultimately, the game can be fun. It is advisable to take as many shots as you can to increase your chances of winning.

So Which Game is Best?

Really, there are a lot of amazing games you can play with ping pong balls. You can get creative with them and see what gives you the greatest satisfaction. Have fun playing all these amazing games and plenty of other sports and activities available everywher!

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