The Most Common Types of Divination Tools Used By Psychics

The Most Common Types of Divination Tools Used By Psychics

Psychic readings have been popular for centuries now. People all across the world refer to psychics to get clarity on a certain situation or to understand the steps they should take at a specific point in time. The rise of video-based social media platforms and features, like TikTok and Instagram Reels, have made it a lot easier to interact with psychics. If you’re on that side of social media, then you must know the thrill of receiving the right message whenever you feel like you need it the most. However, if you’re not an experienced psychic, you may feel like you’re confused with all the different types of decks, crystals, or other tools used. This is why in this article, we are here to tell you all about the most common types of divination tools that psychics use.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are the most common divination tool. They consist of 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana cards. Each card has an illustration that tells a different story. The reader can interpret the story differently, depending on whether it’s upright or upside down, its placement in a spread, and the general theme of the spread. The Major Arcana cards are associated with soul and life lessons that one must complete in their lifetime. The Minor Arcana cards provide us with details regarding our experiences and the challenges we encounter in life. Each Tarot deck comes with 16 Court cards. These cards are thought of as archetypes that symbolize our personality traits. Tarot decks also include Suits, which are cards that represent the four elements. The Major Arcana is thought to represent a fifth element, which allows us to connect with our spirituality on a deeper level.

Tarot cards are used to provide guidance in past, present, and future situations, which allows individuals to grasp a deeper understanding of themselves again. Tarot card psychic readings are more about spiritual growth and guidance than they are about fortune-telling. They offer the means of strengthening one’s intuition, and if this is all new to you, you can even talk to a psychic free of charge from a reliable source just to get the hang of it all. Many people believe that since Tarot cards are easy to learn and use, they can be used to help individuals develop their psychic abilities. This is because it guides them toward connecting with the spiritual realms until perhaps, they’d no longer need a tool to aid them in the process.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards often come with specific messages and are meant to be used on their own as a daily message or a form of spiritual guidance. However, they can also be incorporated into a spread or combined with a Tarot reading. These decks don’t come with a standard number of cards. They usually come with at least 12 cards, but most of them contain around 30 to 44 cards. These decks include different forms of illustrations, symbols, and poetic statements meant for guidance or providing wisdom and insight. These decks can contain forms of sacred geometry, numerology, Celtic themes, astrology, indigenous beliefs, as well as other spiritual beliefs.

They are non-traditional and don’t follow standard or uniform guidelines. This is why it takes practitioners a while to get used to them, as well as explore new decks to find out how they can use them in their readings. It is very uncommon that you find a psychic conducting an entire reading using just Oracle cards. This is because they were initially meant to be used on a one-card-a-day basis. Though, some practitioners may use them to make a three-card spread reading. Oracle cards are meant to aid in spiritual enlightenment, as well as provide opportunities for reflection and self-growth.

Angel Cards

Angel cards can be formatted as either Tarot card decks or Oracle card decks. Most Angel card decks come with specific messages. Many highly recommended psychics explain that when they’re incorporated into a tarot reading, these cards will offer a message that serves the context in addition to the meaning they convey on their own. This creates a more in-depth and dynamic reading experience. These cards are supposed to offer guidance through the Angelic realm, rather than the physical entities that surround us. These decks, however, are not specifically about angels. They also encompass goddesses, fairies, Ascended Masters, and other spiritually evolved groupings.


Crystals allow practitioners to connect with their inner wisdom and harness their psychic powers by tapping into their intuition. They can help open up one’s third eye and aid them in trusting their intuition. Trusting our gut is the most important skill that one needs to develop. Sometimes, however, we fall out of sync with our intuition and gut feeling, which causes us to feel lost. Crystals can help with this situation. They are said to build some sort of bridge between the mundane and the spiritual. They have higher vibrations and can help clear blocks in the chakra. There are various types of crystals that help boost intuition. Psychics use each of them for a different purpose. For instance, they may use amethyst to connect with the crown chakra and amazonite to enhance intuition and emotional intelligence.

Incense and Essential Oils

Incense and essential oils can help enhance one’s spiritual power and strengthen their psychic abilities. Some of them are even associated with heightening a practitioner’s awareness and triggering prophetic dreams. Incense and essential oils can amplify spiritual awareness and promote mental clarity. When used, they can create an environment that benefits the intuitive mind in a plethora of ways.

Tarot cards are the most popular and commonly used decks in the psychic world. They are now used in psychic readings, usually to provide clarity or aid in spiritual growth. Though most psychics work with Tarot cards, others have started incorporating Oracle and Angel cards in their readings, as well. Each deck serves a different purpose, even when combined, which is something that we’ve discussed in depth throughout the article. Shuffling decks allows clients to interact with the cards and tune in with their energy. It is often thought of as a means of meditation and a way to connect with one’s higher self. Practitioners also use other tools, such as crystals, incense, and essential oils to clear chakra blockages, raise their vibrations, strengthen their intuition and enhance their spiritual awareness.

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