Top 10 Transcription Services 2021

Top 10 Transcription Services 2021

Do you want to trust the experts to convert speech to text? We have collected the Top-10 transcription services that will complete your assignment on time, high-quality, inexpensively, and without a non-disclosure agreement.

Transcription is the translation of audio or video to text. Transcription is used by students, business people, employees of large companies, and people with disabilities. If you want to speed up the transcription of a recording, you can turn to professional transcription services. Also, there are applications for a transcript of audio content. Automatic transcription is no worse than hand transcription because the digital capabilities of artificial intelligence are developing at a rapid pace. Professional human transcribers work in a radically different algorithm. Let's find out in what cases it is better to use automatic or hand transcription.

Comparison of Hand and Automatic Transcription

Transcription companies like Transcriberry, Rev or Otter work with linguists and editors who understand speech styles, intonation, and grammar. The online transcriber is capable of typing text very quickly while being attentive to detail. In front of the transcript, the specialist listens to the entire recording and determines the conversation's topic, characters, and concept. Having received a general understanding of the recording, he proceeds to translate it into text format.

The main advantage of human audio and video recordings is that the quality of the transcription will be as high as possible since the expert not only transcribes audio into text but can also act as an editor. Experts can divide the text into paragraphs and correctly distribute punctuation marks. Hand transcription is suitable for technical segments with many terms - for example, medicine and law.

Automatic transcription companies use artificial intelligence for speech recognition. In this case, the decryption speed of the recording will be faster. The computers listen to the audio recordings and return an automatically generated transcript of what they heard. Unfortunately, automatic transcriptions are less accurate but cheaper. Therefore, such platforms are suitable for decrypting simple media files.

Best Transcription Services Providing High-Quality

The internet is full of companies that provide transcription services - you cannot trust everyone because cheap or expensive does not mean high quality. Therefore, we selected the company's transcription based on a different criterion - error rate. Here are ten companies that not only guarantee good text quality but also prove it in practice.

1. Transcriberry

Transcriberry is the best transcription company on the list, and here's why. The company has been operating legally for many years and provides a huge number of services:

  • Academic transcription service.
  • Media transcription service.
  • YouTube transcription service.
  • Zoom transcription service.
  • Business transcription service.
  • Podcast transcription service.
  • Research transcription service.
  • Manual transcription service.
  • Financial transcription service.
  • Interview transcription service.
  • Dictation transcription service.
  • Meeting transcription service.
  • Skype transcription service.

We have listed only a fraction of the services that Transcriberry can handle. The company also provides services for transcription of books, lectures, telephone conversations, etc. Besides hand transcription, the company offers automatic transcription. One of the few companies that launched a powerful application where artificial intelligence capabilities are 100% developed.

Transcriberry guarantees the complete security of your data. The company carefully encrypts all data that you transfer to them and uses reliable payment methods for services. In addition, all experts sign a non-disclosure agreement and transfer the copyright to you.

If your recording is shorter than 1 hour, an expert can complete the project within a day. If the length of the audio file is longer, the transcriber will take more time. At the same time, the team of linguists ensures that there are no mistakes.

Transcriberry's pricing policy is reasonable. Standard, extra and total transcription costs $ 1.25 per minute. While other services increase the price, depending on these indicators.

2. is an automatic transcription service company. The app is available for Android, iOS, and web browsers. The main feature of the platform is the use of the best speech recognition tools. The program can make transcripts intelligent, structured, logical, and easily editable - you can make changes whenever you want.

In addition to transcribing real-time recordings, the company has developed sharing and highlighting features. You can share text files with friends, colleagues, classmates in any messenger and improve the project together. is good at recognizing the human voice. This is possible thanks to the machine learning system (Ambient Voice Intelligence from Otter), specially designed to recognize the human voice and convert it to text. Artificial intelligence senses intonation and, in most cases, correctly distributes punctuation marks. has several pricing plans. Basic is a free plan that is suitable for transcribing small files. The Pro plan costs $ 8.33 per month and provides more features, minutes, to transcriptions. The Business plan costs $ 20 per month and is suitable for small teams to manage a project together. For the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the sales department - the tariff is suitable for large companies that need support, control, and higher security.

3. Rev

Rev is a company where people work side by side with the best speech-to-text AI. That is, you can order both automatic and hand transcription. Rev provides audio and video-to-text transcription services and subtitling and translations for all types of media files.

Experts carry out the transcription of simple audio files within a few hours with 99% accuracy. At about the same time, transcribers are ready to create subtitles. As for large files, an expert may take several days to decrypt them.

The main feature of the platform is the foreign subtitling service for videos. Most companies do not offer such services, as they do not cooperate with foreigners.

Rev strikes a good balance between transcription speed and error rate. Files with background noise are much more difficult to decode, and therefore experts can make mistakes. The price list is also quite stable: transcription costs $ 1.25 per minute, subtitles cost $ 1.25 per minute, foreign subtitles cost $ 3-7 per minute.

4. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a company offering hand transcription services from native English speakers. The company decrypts audio, and video files - the platform's main feature is the Spanish transcription services and the conversion of handwritten text into electronic form.

The company has existed since 2004 and offers assistance to universities, government institutions, and non-profit organizations. The GMR Transcription team consists of experts in legal terminology, the medical field, and academia. The speed of decryption of audio files is acceptable - from one day to several weeks.

The pricing policy is slightly higher because the company cooperates only with professional transcribers and does not carry out the automatic translation. The price will depend on the number of speakers. For example, if one person is in the recording, the transcription will cost $ 1.25 per minute. If your audio file is more than three speakers, the transcription will cost $ 2.00 per minute.

5. Temi

Temi is an automatic transcription service company. The company is known among users - over 10,000 people have used the service. Temi is proud to partner with ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and PBS.

The company uses advanced speech recognition software that transcribes audio and video files in five minutes. Under the conditions that the file does not contain background noise, sounds loud, without old accents, with a small number of speakers, the transcription accuracy is 90-95%. Therefore, Temi is not suitable for transcribing noisy conversations. You can download the text format of the audio file using MS Word or PDF.

Since the platform uses artificial intelligence, the pricing policy is not high. For 1 minute of transcription, the company asks to pay $ 0.25. You don't need to buy annual plans or subscriptions - you pay for the document based on the length of the audio file.

6. Speechpad

Speechpad positions itself as a voice notepad where you can take text notes using the microphone. In addition to this feature, the network can translate speech from audio or video into printed text. The platform uses the audio track for speech recognition in the audio file.

The conversion is quite accurate, but punctuation marks are often inaccurate - you cannot do it without subsequent editing. However, this is an excellent alternative for students who cannot afford the platforms above since the service is ready to transcribe a recording for free.

7. Amber Script

Amber Script builds SaaS solutions that provide users with automatic transcription of audio or video files and subtitling using speech recognition. Here you can refine the text to perfection by stopping the recording and placing the necessary punctuation marks. If you are not confident in your abilities, the company offers editorial services that will eliminate errors from the text.

The platform is suitable for business, academia, media, healthcare, law, journalism. The company offers a free trial so that you can appreciate the benefits of the Amber Script. Later, you can buy transcription services at a reasonable price: € 15 costs 1 hour of transcription, € 40 costs 5 hours of transcription, and € 1.2 costs 1 minute of transcription.

8. Scribie

Scribie is a hand and auto transcription platform. The service does an excellent job with stubborn tasks - the decryption accuracy is 99%. The duration of the audio file must not exceed 36 hours. You can also control the speakers by making changes to their conversations.

Users who do not need high fidelity can take advantage of automatic transcription services - the accuracy ranges from 80 to 95%. The duration of the audio file must not exceed 30 minutes.

To perform transcription, you need to choose a plan - automatic, which costs $ 0.10 per minute, or manual, which costs $ 0.80 per minute. The company sends the finished text file to the Word document.

9. Trint

Trint is an automatic transcription application in 31 languages. It is the fastest platform for transcribing audio or video files, calls, lectures, and much more. In a matter of seconds, the service is ready to provide you with a text version of the recording. The company has achieved this thanks to its advanced speech-to-text recognition and conversion tools.

The accuracy of the expansion is surprising - 99%. Trint scrutinizes the content of a video or audio file and makes it searchable, editable, shared. You can download the document in Word or Excel format. The company offers four tariff plans: Starter ($ 48 per month), Advanced ($ 60 per month), Pro Team ($ 68 per month), Enterprise (negotiable price). All tariffs differ in the number of users - for example, Starter is designed for one person, and Pro Team for 25 people.

10. is an automatic transcription platform in over 40 languages. Sonix allows you to search, play, edit, organize and share text files with people in many messengers. The platform is well suited for transcribing lectures, films, books, meetings, and video content.

The company has developed an automatic translation mechanism that allows you to transcribe an audio file in a few minutes. Video file owners can create subtitles that will increase views on YouTube or make the content easier to read.

A unique feature of Sonix is ​​a 30-minute free transcription. In other cases, the company offers such plans:

  • Standard ($ 10 per hour).
  • Premium ($ 5 per hour, plus $ 22 per user per month).
  • Enterprise (the price is being discussed).


In the modern world students are engaged in many activities and live life to the fullest. Their days are filled with different people, meetings, parties, obligations, and assignments. Understandably, there is not always enough time for the homework or any college tasks. Nowadays it is not the problem. We have provided a list of the best transcription companies for people with different financial capabilities. Choose services based on your goals!

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