7 Effective Ways to Care and Show Up for Yourself

7 Effective Ways to Care and Show Up for Yourself
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Many people think that self-care means being selfish or something of that nature, but that is not true. Self-care is the act of looking after yourself and making sure that you are healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Looking after yourself will help you to reduce the effect of stress in the course of carrying out your daily activities. Do you ask yourself questions like how do I go about taking care of myself? This will help you to take your time and plan on how to start taking care and showing up for yourself.

This builds up confidence because you will stop for instance dressing to impress, rather you will now dress to feel good. The process of taking care of your emotional and mental health is known as self-care.

Types of Self Care

Self-care does not only mean taking care of your physical health but there are also types of self-care and they include.

Emotional Self Care
Emotional self-care involves taking care of our emotional issues like depression, anger, anxiety, pain, etc.

Physical Self Care
Taking care of your physical needs such as exercises that will improve your physical health is part of physical self-care.

Mental Self Care
Improving your mind and your thinking capacity is a form of mental self-care and this is important since it is a major part of our life.

Effective Ways to Care and Show Up for Yourself

What will be mentioned below is how you can care for yourself by dealing with your emotional, physical, and mental needs.


Reading Do It for Yourself Journals
Self-care should be a priority of every person in today's world because of how things have changed. You can find the answer to how to make yourself feel better by reading books and journals that encourage self-care. Something like a do it for yourself journal will encourage you to embrace self-care and give you guidance on how to go about it.


Commitment to Learning How to Work on Yourself
Before you start or even think of making self-care a priority, you have to know what to remove and habits to learn in your life. Learning how to work on yourself will help you to remain focused on taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health. Failing not to work on yourself will only make you abandon Taking of these important aspects of your life.


Exercise Daily
If you are among those that are obsessed with the "taking care of me" phrase, then you need to put exercise as part of your daily routine. Exercise helps your body in many ways, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, it helps to boost your mental health, and it helps to calm your nerves down to maintain emotional stability.


Speak Up When Necessary

Speaking up for yourself is a way of showing up for yourself. If you want to know how to make yourself feel better, then you have to speak up for yourself when necessary. Although many people may see it as being overreacting, speaking out makes one feel better and this builds up self-confidence in a person.


Don't Compare Yourself with Others
Comparison is one of the worst things you can do to yourself because it makes your spirit go down and more it causes emotional problems such as jealousy and depression. Comparison affects mainly mental and emotional health and they are among the types of self-care, so it is important to safeguard our mental and emotional health by not comparing ourselves to others.


Be Organized as You Discover How to Work on Yourself
Being organized is very important if you want to figure out how to work on yourself, your health goals, etc. When you are organized, you will know what to do at a particular moment in a bid to reduce stress and ensure emotional and mental stability. Not being organized only leads to mental stress because you are always thinking of what you are to do at any particular time and this is bad if you want to put self-care as your priority.


Don't Overthink
Over-thinking not only spoils your mood, but it also affects our physical health-among the types of self-care. From overthinking, it may develop into depression which is not a good thing for your general health. Don't always think about everything that is not even necessary if you want to care and show up for yourself.

People always think that self-care is another word for selfishness but that is not true. Self-care is the act of protecting and prioritizing your mental, emotional, and physical health to escape stress and anxiety or instability in your health.

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