Garage Door Repair-Is Noise a Cause for Alarm?

Garage Door Repair-Is Noise a Cause for Alarm?

Garage doors are the main opening to your home. It should be a priority to maintain and keep them functioning optimally. However, you may notice strange noises over time, and this can indicate a significant problem. If this happens, you may need to hire repair or have the door replaced altogether. What causes the noise? Is this indication of faulty door springs? Let's find out.

What causes garage door noises?

If your garage door is noisy, there's a likelihood that something is wrong somewhere. The noise can be irritating but could turn into a significant problem over time. The first step to dealing with such sounds is determining the cause. Let' learn some of the reasons why your garage door could be making so much noise:

1. Old doors

Garage doors wear out and break down with age. When the parts loosen, the materials erode and stop being effective as they once were. Also, old garage doors are different from modern designs and lack advanced features that could help minimize the noise.

2. Poor lubrication

You'll find hinges and rollers attached to your door. These assist in opening and closing the door smoothly and require lubrication to work effectively. If they dry out, you'll hear some noises, hence the need for routine maintenance. You can do this the DIY way or hire garage door services Houston.

3. Loose fasteners& Springs

Garage doors feature various nuts, springs, hinges, and fasteners on the opening mechanism. If these are loose, the door won't open or close as required, resulting in a lot of rattling and screeching.

4. Worn out rollers

Your entire garage door will start making noises when the rollers wear down. Although they last long, they may start making noise after a relatively short period. Nylon rollers last long, just like their steel counterparts, and operate quietly.

5. Improper balance

A garage door should be well balanced to work smoothly and safely. Once the door moves out of balance, you'll experience lots of noise as the metal components bump into each other. If this happens, contact a reputable door repair company to help align the door and avoid further damages and injuries.

When should you contact a professional?

It's not unusual to hear occasional sounds coming from your garage door. Usually, the sound comes from the springs and panes and is common in manual door models. However, there may be more alarming sounds necessitating professional help.

If you don't seem to diagnose the problem, you should call a professional for help. Also, if a major component fails or there's a need to install new parts, an expert will come in handy. It's, however, critical to hire skilled service providers. Your garage door may need replacement due to tear and wear, and this requires professional expertise.

A quick wrap up

Occasional noise from your garage door may result due to various factors. If this sounds alarming, or you notice loose hinges on your door, perhaps it's time to seek help. These doors are bulky and may pose grave risks and injuries. To avoid this, contact a specialist once you notice any issues with your garage door.

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