The 4 Commonly Asked Questions About Personal Care

    The 4 Commonly Asked Questions About Personal Care

    In the hassle of life, we generally forget about taking care of our own selves. However, overlooking personal care can have both physical and mental effects. Poor personal hygiene means you are making your body vulnerable to several diseases. Whereas, people also appear to be avoiding someone with bad hygiene. Hence, isolation and illness are the two possible outcomes.

    However, with a plethora of products ensuring personal care, looking after yourself is no more a tough row to hoe. Plus, after the emergence of online shops, your excuse of a busy schedule is also eliminated.

    Just spend a few minutes reading reviews on personal care shops, find out which products are your customer's favorite and buy them without taking a single step out of your home.

    But, which areas of personal care should be your key target? Keep reading to know more about your body and what it demands from you.

    • Why Are Skin Care Products Important?
      Got another pimple on your face? Or the wrinkles have started to appear? Your skin must be lacking the much-needed care. Since skin is the largest organ of the human body, the way you treat it will directly influence your overall health. Exposure to sunlight, toxins, deficiency of nutrients or fluids, and a lot more affects your skin health.
      However, taking care of it is not that difficult. Use quality skincare products including cleansers, toners, moisturizers and exfoliators. If your skin is sensitive to synthetic products, go organic and buy from manufacturers claiming their products to be completely natural. But we suggest inquiring about the authenticity of organic companies like L’Occitane en Provenance on reviewing platforms to prevent side effects.
      Too much exposure to the sun brings about premature ageing, pigmentation, discoloration and darkening of freckles. Researchers also share that UV radiations emitted from the sun can be a reason behind skin cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to properly cover skin and apply sunscreens under too much sunlight.
    • Are all Hair care Products Reliable?
      No, not every hair care product is suitable for your hair. It is of no doubt that applying special conditioners or shampoos can make the hair look fluffier, cleaner and brighter. But, on the flip side, the toxins in them may result in converting short-term benefits into long-term side effects. So, before you add a new product to your cart, look through the ingredients and verify that the composition is based on safe chemicals.
      You can read reviews on hair care companies like HQ Hair to assess the outcomes of their products. Or examine it yourself by ensuring the absence of these 5 harmful ingredients:
    • Sulfates – Surfactants, used for removing dirt and forming lather in shampoos. If you have sensitive skin, avoid shampoos with sulfates as they may trigger an allergic reaction.
    • Parabens – Added to preserve the shampoo’s shelf life. This chemical is observed to interfere with estrogen production which can lead to reproductive issues or breast cancer.
    • Phthalates – Used as gelling agents and fragrance fixatives in shampoos, hair spray and conditioners. Some studies have found evidence on phthalates interference with the reproductive and hormonal system.
    • Formaldehyde – Most of the products used for straightening or smoothening of hair contains formaldehyde which is known as an irritant, allergen and carcinogen.
    • Toluene – A common hair dye ingredient. It can affect the immune system, cause birth defects and respiratory problems.
    • Do You Really Need Foot Care Products?
      Just as how important body care is, treating your body’s foundation i.e., foot is equally essential. The foot care products have recently gained recognition, especially among the women following fashion trends religiously. As sandals and open shoes are in fashion now, skin exposure has increased and hence, treating feet to look best has become more crucial.
      Diabetic patients also tend to use the products for preventing or treating foot diseases. Whereas various foot problems including toe or heel pain and nail fungus can also be treated with these products.
      You can use slough scrubs to exfoliate and remove the dull, dead skin on your foot. Other than that, creams, cleansing lotions and repairing ointments are also manufactured by the industry to counter all foot problems.
    • Is Dental Hygiene a Part of Personal Care?
      One of the most influencing factors about personal hygiene is oral health. Your mouth serves as an entry point to the internal organs of the body. While brushing and flossing daily are a commonly understood definition of dental hygiene, there are some other important points people generally miss out on. Visiting a dentist after every 6 months is equally important. As it ensures that there is no plaque buildup, cavity or gum infection which may lead to tooth decay or tooth loss.
      Moreover, bringing some lifestyle changes can also secure oral hygiene. This includes avoiding tobacco or sugary snacks. Wearing mouth guards while playing sports or retainer night guards if you have a habit of grinding or clenching teeth.

    The Long-Term Outlook

    Although the personal care products have rendered great ease and benefits to us, overlooking their side-effects won’t be smart. Always keep an eye on the product’s composition to avoid experiencing unexpected results. And you are all good to enjoy the pros of the personal care industry.