7 Proven Tips That Will Teach You How to Make Friends

7 Proven Tips That Will Teach You How to Make Friends

Learning how to make friends is a social skill as it's not something humans are born with. As we transform from childhood to adulthood, we begin to pick up tips on how to make friends. Although, in most cases, even picking up how to make friends on our own can be a bit of a task.

To make friends, you need to be intentional and learn how to make friends. This article provides tips on how you can make friends as an adult.

Places to Meet People and Make Friends

Making friends can be an incredible feeling. The idea of having someone to talk to, smile, and laugh with is fascinating. In a world that has gone overly digital, it would seem the only place to learn how to make friends is the internet. Yet, there are several offline places where you can meet people and make friends with them. Some of these places include:

  • Public transport
  • Bars
  • Book club meetings
  • Adult meet up
  • Gym
  • Local museum
  • Bus tour
  • Hiking
  • Community centers
  • Coffee shop

Tips for Making Friends in a New City

As adults, we all need to know that friendships will not come as easy as kids. There are no more friends you make from the playgrounds, no more friends you hit it off with because you are all in the same school group project. No more friends you make because your families are close. The reality is jarring, but these tips would help you learn how to make friends:

1. Look Out to Find Your People

Learning how to make friends as an adult requires some steps. The majority of our adult friendships don’t find us at home. We find them when we start socializing with others. Through this process, we can quickly learn about new people and choose those we feel will make our tribe.

2. Attend Adult Meet Ups

The thought that constantly goes through some of our minds is, “I need a friend.” Just like the previous tip says, these friendships will not meet you at home most of the time. You have to engage yourself with others socially. Attend events, work events, hangouts, and other social gatherings where you get to meet new people.

3. Be Sure of The Type of Friends You Need

Since intentionality goes into making friends as an adult, you have to make sure the people you choose are your type of friends. Take note of this tip. Seek people of common interest and goal. There are so many ways to find that now. If you are into books, for instance, and would love to meet and make friends with some bookish people, there are several book events you can sign up for.

4. Friendship is Hard Work

Perhaps you might still be nursing the idea of how you made friends as a child now that you are an adult. Adult friendships are not all that easy breezy. You have to put in the effort. For instance, if you had only moved into a new city after college or you’re relocating due to work, or you just needed a fresh start with new people. Always have it at the back of your mind that making friends in a new city will require extra effort.

5. Social Networking

There are so many places to meet people. It can either be physical, social gatherings, or virtual ones. Although making friends virtually isn’t as common as physical ones, several people have hit it off with their friends through the internet. Be open to social networking of any kind because you never know where you could easily hit it off with someone.

6. Be Open-minded

One essential social skill everyone needs to note in how to make new friends is the act of being open-minded. With this skill, you could easily allow yourself to see and embrace people for who they are rather than who you want them to be. This is important when trying to make friends.

You might run into someone who ticks all your boxes, but there’s that one thing that might be putting a strain on letting the friendship flow. So long as it’s not a lifestyle or habit they possess that negatively impacts you, you can learn to be open-minded in that situation and not your personal biases stand in the way of a possible friendship.

7. Learn to Put Honesty First

Most people might not realize it initially, but honesty is essential while trying to make new friends. Honesty brings you closer to finding your type of people and strains you away from people who do not make that list. Always try as much as possible to be honest in your dealings with the people you meet during any of the social events you might be engaging in.

Final Notes

Want to learn how to make friends? Be intentional about it. Making friends starts from leaving your comfort zone to engaging others in all honesty and open-mindedness. It also means you have to consult your social skills and make friends that meet your preferences.

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