Fascinating facts about Christmas you probably don't know!

Fascinating facts about Christmas you probably don't know!

Christmas is the event in our lives that we celebrate every single year with our family and friends. But do you know the actual history and interesting facts about Christmas? Many of us don't, but I can assure you that they are pretty impressive. These facts also tell us how Christmas used to be and how different nations celebrated it. It might be other than the ways that we are using in the current era. Do we know how to spend quality time with family during Christmas? We might not because we are also losing the actual traditional ways that our ancestors use.

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The facts you should know about Christmas!

So here are some of the facts about Christmas that you should, and your kids should know!

1- The reason for celebrating Christmas

This is one of the most basic facts that you might already know, but the thing is, most of the children, and even adults don't know about Christmas and why it is celebrated around the Globe. So, Christmas is observed due to the birth of Jesus Christ on this particular day. All of the people from different nations celebrate it and offer different presents to each other.

2- Meaning of Christmas Wreath Symbol

We all usually see the Christmas wreath symbols all over the country during the Christmas season, but have you ever thoroughly wondered what it means? The wreath symbol describes love and eternal life. It tells us to spread devotion to the people around you and make them happy with your deeds.

3- The meaning of Christmas colors

Three prominent colors of Christmas are usually used to define it. Those colors are Red, Green, and Gold. Red shows the blood of Jesus, Green shows the true nature of life, and Gold shows us the light.

4- The origin of Christmas trees

Most of you might wonder where the concept of trees came into the Christmas celebration? Thanks to the Egyptians and Romans who first discovered the Christmas trees and used them for celebration in their houses or public places. But there was one significant difference between their trees and the trees of now! They used to decorate the Christmas trees with different nuts and fruits, unlike us, who tend to decorate the trees with colors and lights.

5- The singing tradition

Many people go singing Carols during Christmas, and their voices go down all over the neighborhoods. But have you ever actually wondered who do they do that? The tradition came into being from the Wassailing, where the people used to pray for others' health on particular occasions.

6- Massive amount of Christmas trees

It is reported that Europeans tend to decorate more than 50 million trees around the continent. If we talk about the United States of America, the number goes to 35 Million, which is also pretty massive. If you don't really know how to decorate your Christmas tree, then this is the time to contribute something in those numbers.

7- The most consumed food during Christmas

What is your most favorite dish or food that you like to eat on Christmas? If it is turkey, then congratulations, you are also the reason to let turkey win the race of most consumed food. As per the studies, around ten million turkeys are cooked in different styles to be eaten in the United Kingdom. The same scenario goes for the United States, but the numbers are even more incredible! It is stated that the people of the United States consume around twenty-two million turkeys.

8- What does Santa get on Christmas?

Many countries have registered a mailing address by the name of Santa Claus where most of the children send millions of post mails asking for their desired gift. Besides that, Santa gets some cookies and milk from every home where he delivers the present as a positive deed.

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9- The clothes of Santa

Many people worldwide think that the original clothes of Santa have always been red and white. But it is undoubtedly not the case! Santa's clothes were used to be purple, green, and blue. But the famous drink brand Coca Cola dressed Santa in their brand color for an advertisement, and since that, Santa has always been wearing red and white clothes.

10- The Christmas song is older than you expect?

When do you think the song "Jingle Bells" came? Around ten years back, twenty, maybe thirty? Not at all! The Jingle Bells song is more than 150 years old, and Lord Pierpont originally wrote it in 1857. Another interesting and fascinating fact is that the song was not written explicitly for Christmas, but it was written for Thanksgiving under "One Horse Open Sleigh."

Another vital fact you should know when shopping online for Christmas!

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