How to Keep Friendships and Foster Great Relationships

How to Keep Friendships and Foster Great Relationships

Friendship is a serious thing to everyone, significant friendships. This is because it is always genuine, sincere, and between people who are genuinely concerned. There is no perfect portrait of how to keep friendships as there are many things you can do.

The first box you need to tick is how to become friends with someone. It would help if you also learned how to build friendships. Building friendships is as meaningful as laying the foundation of a building. It matters because it determines the kind of relationship you'll develop with a particular person.

How to Become Friends with Someone?

Becoming someone's friend may be difficult for some people, especially introverts. There are numerous class party ideas for adults, but you don't need to meet at a party before you move closer to someone to become their friend. You can start by smiling at someone you like without making it feel awkward. You can try these:

1. Stay Calm and True About Your Intentions

Since you like the person, you can muster courage and walk up to the person asking to be friends. If this won't work, find something you both have passion for.

2. Find Something Both of You Like

If you're both passionate about literature, science, technology, or anything, it's a way to start a conversation that could lead to a good relationship. It could even teach you about making time for people because if you're concerned about a friend, you'll always try to create time.

3. Smile at the Person Without Talking with the Person

This could be a little bit confusing and seductive. To know how to keep friendships, play a seeming hide-and-seek game. You see the person every day in class; you smile at that person without talking to the person. You're passing a signal, but you're not living every day as if you're passing the signal. One day, the person will approach you. If this doesn't work, write a letter.

How to Keep Friends: Making Time for People

This is a serious issue as some don't prioritize making time for people. It's okay to say you're busy and that you need to put a lot of things together. But friends are there to share your burdens; speaking to them alone could make you feel relieved. If you're struggling with making time for people, try:

1. Set the alarm to Check Up on Them

If you feel you're a terrible friend, having a reminder to call your friend during your busy days isn't a shameful thing. If you're consistent with it, you won't need an alarm to remind you. You'll seamlessly enjoy building friendships, especially if you want to.

2. Go Out

Going out together, even if it means taking a walk, could be your best option too. This is the time you get to chat about various things you're worried about or happy with. You get to talk about your fears, ambitions, and other subjects of interest. If you want to know how to make a good friendship last, it's about opening up to yourself, sharing personal things about you, and respecting each other.

3. Go on Short Trips at Your Leisure Time

If both of you love traveling, you can hire a car to visit somewhere that will make both of you happy. What makes friendship strong aside from spending time together, talking about things personal to you, and feeling truly sincere about trust, loyalty, and love?

How to Make Good Friendships?

If you're wondering what makes a friendship strong, the answer is several factors do. But you make strong friends, you'd need to make good friends. Here are ways to do it:

1. Be Honest

Staying honest is how to keep friendships, amongst others. Mutual honesty will help eradicate issues of insecurities or disappointments when something happens. If you feel offended, confront your friend and discuss anything. If you brush down your emotions, it will affect you in the long run. Every hurt should be discussed.

2. Care

Showing that you care makes your partner enjoy you more. People can't believe you care until you show it by doing a few things. It could be getting your friend a gift; it could even be helping your friend through tough times. Expressing love and care may be difficult, but once you know what your friend likes, doing it becomes easier.

3. Support and Encourage Yourselves

Supporting your friends is one of the ways to win them over to you again and again. When your friend has a horrible day, try to reduce the impact on your friend. Try to change your friend's mood into a cheerful and lively one. Your friend needs all the encouragement in the world at some times, and so do you. Being that friend who encourages another and makes them happy could strengthen your bond.


Thus, by opening up about your intentions, you can learn how to keep friends. It can even help you study how to become friends with someone. When you become friends with someone, prioritizing time and staying committed to the friendship could help you build it into a stronger and happier one.

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