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    Of course, we want to keep you updated on all companies and the services, quality and prices they offer. To make what you are looking for easily accessible, we have divided them into categories. Some companies, though, are so unique that they cannot simply be put in one category. For these companies serves this general category. Here, in this category, we display these businesses and experiences with these businesses. We display, for instance, companies that give away free stuff, or companies that provide bargains, discounts, special offers and/or sale items. Should you really want to buy there? For the answer to that question we like to refer to the opinions and experiences that are posted by you and your fellow customers. This category is also the place where you find charity organisations, for they too deserve to be reviewed and rated. Do they make good use of your money? Are the causes that are supposed to benefit actually helped? Read all opinions here, at US-Reviews!

    Brian Tracy brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Brian Tracy

    1 reviews

    In truth, the current professional arena working standards are changing with the passing of each day. And they are sprouting to keep up with the ch...

    Boost Mobile brand logo for reviews

    Boost Mobile

    1 reviews

    Technology is being revolutionized and put into operation faster than we can keep up and ever imagined. This is one of the foremost reasons consume...

    Bed In A Box brand logo for reviews

    Bed In A Box

    1 reviews

    Bed in Box is a US-based online store which proudly manufactures comfortable mattresses to make sure you experience the best quality. They will ens...

    Dailygreatness brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    2 reviews

    Development, they say is a 2-step process- learning and practicing. But, if you’re just learning and not practicing, you might end up not ful...

    Cloud 9 Living brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Cloud 9 Living

    2 reviews

    If you are in a daze looking for the right gift for a person, then you should not worry. Why not let them choose their dream experience as a presen...

    Avery brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas


    1 reviews

    In truth, self adhesive labels produced in a wide array of formats are used in an equally wide range of environments. They are however, often expec...

    Universal CPA Review brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Universal CPA Review

    1 reviews

    As a CPA prospect, determining whether or not to invest in a CPA review course is one of the largely vital decisions you’ll make when working...

    Illumeo brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    2 reviews

    Are you looking to revamp your staff’s performance and efficiency on the job? And you’re in search of a program that would bring top-no...

    American Council on Exercise brand logo for reviews of Fit(ness)

    American Council on Exercise

    1 reviews

    ACE distinguishes itself from other certificate providers because we run programs and initiatives and apply our own efforts to provide life on a mi...

    Just Paint by Number brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Just Paint by Number

    1 reviews

    Reviews  Just Paint by Number For paint and art supplies, Just Paint by Number can take any photo and turn it into a custom pa...

    Tractive GmbH brand logo for reviews

    Tractive GmbH

    2 reviews

    Tractive GmbH believe that pets and their owners have a special bond. Strengthen that bond by always knowing the exact location of your furry frien...

    My Simpleshow brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    My Simpleshow

    1 reviews

    The power of visualization cannot be overemphasized in passing a message that should be impact-driven. Using words alone to communicate an idea can...

    SmileDirectClub, LLC brand logo for reviews

    SmileDirectClub, LLC

    1 reviews

    SmileDirectClub is one of the leading companies that specialize in providing high-quality invisible braces. Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkell founded...

    IngramSpark brand logo for reviews of Workspace Office Jobs B2B


    1 reviews

    There are many talented writers across the globe wanting to publish their books either as e-books or as regular tangible hardcopies. However, due t...

    Success Consciousness brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Success Consciousness

    1 reviews

    Reading books is viewed as one of the most mentally helpful activities. Despite the diversity in the reading habits of individuals, numerous avid b...

    Synergy Spanish brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Synergy Spanish

    2 reviews

    Most of us know that the hardest part about speaking a foreign language is the learning process. Taking the time, understanding new words, and regi...

    Alamy Affiliate Program brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas

    Alamy Affiliate Program

    2 reviews

    When it comes to storytelling, content creation or any other creative work, stock photographs and images are very important. Stock images are a gre...

    VERYFINEBOOKS brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    1 reviews

    The online book shop has gained a lot of prominence as of late. Online bookstores come with a lot of advantages, from client convenience ...

    WeightWatchers.ca brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    1 reviews

    Are you hoping to lose more weight in the coming months? How would you love to monitor and keep track of your weight loss progress? Are you in sear...

    Health Cabin brand logo for reviews of E-smoking

    Health Cabin

    1 reviews

    A cigarette can be described as a narrow cylinder that contains psychoactive material, typically tobacco, and that is rolled into thin paper for sm...

    EntrepreneurNOW! Network brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    EntrepreneurNOW! Network

    1 reviews

    Reviews EntrepreneurNOW! Network Build your dream business with EntrepreneurNOW help! Network. The micro casting network helps you ...

    LightCigUSA brand logo for reviews of E-smoking


    1 reviews

    When you are new to vaping, you might be confused with a lot of mixed opinions you are likely to find out there from different groups of people. Bu...

    Vape Bright brand logo for reviews of E-smoking

    Vape Bright

    1 reviews

    Stress levels are kicking the roofs, as more and more people come under intense anxiety and stress every day from bosses in the office to meeting u...

    Intuition Guitar brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Intuition Guitar

    1 reviews

    Learning to play musical instruments is important in several ways. A lot of people who started learning how to play musical instruments at a young ...

    JudaicaWebStore.com brand logo for reviews of Gift shops


    1 reviews

    One of the things that foster a relationship is gifts. Gifts are a way of conveying messages that words cannot articulate enough. Gifts help to enc...

    Funy Flower brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Funy Flower

    1 reviews

    Love is that feeling which makes the world go round. In whatever setting it is expressed, whether in a family, between lovers, among friends, in th...

    The Great Courses brand logo for reviews

    The Great Courses

    1 reviews

    Variety they say is the spice of life! sometimes the streamlined courses or curriculum at school can be very boring and you might want to upgrade a...

    Rocket Arabic brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Rocket Arabic

    1 reviews

    Learning different languages away from your native makes you versatile and resourceful. You can blend in foreign environments seamlessly and maneuv...

    Manifestation Miracle brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    Manifestation Miracle

    1 reviews

    Are you discouraged about the level you are at the moment? Do you want to live a fulfilling life but don't know how to go about it? Are you finding...

    Surgent brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    1 reviews

    Imagine learning in a fast-growing CPA exam review course provider that helps aspiring finance students pass the rigorous 4-part CPA exam in half t...

    Surgent CPA Review brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Surgent CPA Review

    1 reviews

    If you are aiming at becoming a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) then you have to pass the Uniform CPA exam. There's no way to boycottin...

    RocketLawyer brand logo for reviews of Good Causes


    1 reviews

    Many incidents happen daily; some are favorable, and some are against humanity. Life endeavors have corrupted the beautiful nature of man; therefor...

    Pimsleur brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    1 reviews

    Learning a new or foreign language might look difficult for some people. Other people, on the other hand, might find it easy. Do you wish to learn ...

    Carol Wright Gifts brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Carol Wright Gifts

    1 reviews

    Whether we choose to admit it or not,  there is always a reason to buy presents and gifts for those we love. It could be for Christmas, a birt...

    Education.com brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    1 reviews

    Teaching kids is not an easy job. It requires time, patience, and dedication from teachers, parents, and tutors to unlock a child's learning potent...

    TinyDeal brand logo for reviews of Electronics


    1 reviews

    Batteries are very important as they help us use electricity, without always having to plug directly into a socket. They store electrical energy th...

    Nest Learning brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Nest Learning

    1 reviews

    Are you looking for ways to impact your child's life? Did you know animated books help children learn faster? Nest Learning offers you the opportun...

    Brain Sensei brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Brain Sensei

    1 reviews

    The only thing constant is change, so the saying goes. The project management profession is also undergoing constant change. For instance, the conc...

    Udacity brand logo for reviews of Study and Education


    1 reviews

    Many individuals who have acquired degrees still crave to acquire more knowledge but most don't have the time probably because they are working and...

    GiftBasket.com brand logo for reviews of Gift shops


    1 reviews

    Today, different online stores are offering different types and brands of gift items. This has, however, made it extremely difficult for one to kno...

    Renova Vapor brand logo for reviews of E-smoking

    Renova Vapor

    1 reviews

    Are you looking for a product that meets the requirement to ensure product safety and perfect quality control? How would a vaporizer with ceramic h...

    ProVape brand logo for reviews of E-smoking


    1 reviews

    One of the common misconceptions of vaping is that it is solely used to help traditional tobacco users quit smoking. While this can be the case for...

    Canabyst brand logo for reviews of Personal care


    1 reviews

    Different levels of compounds are available in natural hemp or cannabis plant. The method that people breed the plant affects the CBD levels. Most ...

    The Anxiety Healing Program brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    The Anxiety Healing Program

    1 reviews

    What if there is a way to combat and defeat anxiety by just using an online program? The Anxiety Healing Program can show you how. Continue reading...

    Excel with Business brand logo for reviews

    Excel with Business

    1 reviews

    Excel with Business is one of the leading companies that specialize in providing highly valuable courses for their customers. Marc, Vin, and Chris ...

    Matthews 1812 House brand logo for reviews

    Matthews 1812 House

    1 reviews

    Mathews 1812 House is one of the leading stores that specializes in providing high-quality cakes, cookies, brownies, and bars. Deanna and Blaine fo...

    Guitar Notes Master brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Guitar Notes Master

    1 reviews

    The guitar is one of the fastest ways to learn how to play the different tunes you must have heard on the radio. Interestingly, guitar lets you dod...

    Bet At Home brand logo for reviews

    Bet At Home

    1 reviews

    Are you a betting fan? You can try your luck and earn big on platforms such as Bet At Home. On US-Reviews, you can read honest reviews of Bet ...

    Namesco Limited brand logo for reviews

    Namesco Limited

    1 reviews

    Namesco limited is one of the leading stores that specialize in providing high-rated domains. Richard and Rachel founded Namesco limited in 1996 an...

    Mediastorehouse.com brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas


    1 reviews

    Media Storehouse is an internet company founded in the UK in 2002. Starting life in partnership with Fujifilm, Media Storehouse was born when Fujif...

    Canadavet brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Human beings have tamed several animals in their homestead. Pets need to be looked out for as they need to be healthy and receive medical supplies ...

    7digital brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Let’s face it: most people that are really into music cannot be helped out. Ranging from the student that is reading up for his exam, to the ...

    Bausparendirekt.com brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    One of the major recurring expense a lot of people incur the instance they get independent is paying for home rents. Some opt to pay monthly while ...

    TweakBit brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    A lot of people now have access to at least one computer for personal and/or official uses among others. However, using the computers can sometimes...

    Xfinity Mobile brand logo for reviews

    Xfinity Mobile

    1 reviews

    Are you looking for reliable and cheap all-inclusive internet connectivity packages? Because of the rapid growth in technology fast and r...

    Volusion brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    On a more general note, there are numerous e-commerce and online shopping cart possibilities on today’s marketplace. Whilst some are proven &...

    SuiteHop brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Finding a venue to host your corporate events or private parties is never going to be easy. Each event will have different needs. Most of the time,...

    SnoreRx brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    In truth, anti-snoring devices are the products of several years of painstaking technical studies. Physicians and experts have been continually sea...

    ServiceTitan brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    ServiceTitan is one of the leading companies that sell a work management software platform for home service companies and contractors in areas such...

    Refurb Phone brand logo for reviews

    Refurb Phone

    1 reviews

    Ever wondered what is meant by a “refurbished phone” and why would you consider investing in one? When investing in a new phone contrac...

    Pure Reiki Healing brand logo for reviews of Study and Education

    Pure Reiki Healing

    1 reviews

    Have you heard of Reiki, alternative medicine that virtually anyone can practice with the right training? If you feel conventional medicine is...

    Photobook brand logo for reviews of Gift shops


    1 reviews

    Memories are made to last a lifetime. But even though we are living in a modern world, it is still nice to have actual photos of these unforgettabl...

    Nuance brand logo for reviews of Photo en Canvas


    1 reviews

    The world today is becoming more and more computer driven on a daily basis. The ability to be able to incorporate computer and artificial intellige...

    Newspaper Subscription brand logo for reviews of Multimedia & Magazines

    Newspaper Subscription

    1 reviews

    Discounted Newspaper.com  is an online company providing, secure and safe membership services. They give purchasers the best arrangements and ...

    Meredith Magazine Store brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    Meredith Magazine Store

    1 reviews

    if you love to read, then you should never miss out on the latest magazine and newspaper updates. Everything can now be accessed online, even your ...

    MacHighway brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    The internet plays a major role in connecting the world. In fact with the internet, the world is now a global village. There are various companies ...

    GoDaddy.com brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    GoDaddy.com is the most massive domain registration and web hosting provider. They helped their customers successfully from past several years. GoD...

    Blue Heron Health News brand logo for reviews

    Blue Heron Health News

    1 reviews

    In most cases, we often do not appreciate our health until the moment we fall ill. It feels normal to wake up in the morning and start doing our da...

    GiftCards.com brand logo for reviews of Gift shops


    1 reviews

    Giftcards.com is one of the leading gift card stores. Their mission is to provide a smile for gift card buyers by offering personalized gift cards ...

    One Mom's Battle brand logo for reviews of Good Causes

    One Mom's Battle

    1 reviews

    Marriage is the traditional method of forming and blending families in many cultures. The goal of marriage is to form a new family unit—a new...

    Ghost Vapes brand logo for reviews of E-smoking

    Ghost Vapes

    1 reviews

    E-cigarette first arrived on the marketplace somewhere in 2004-05 but it didn’t gain much popularity, not until around 2007. The e-cigarette ...

    Pure Electric brand logo for reviews of Car Services

    Pure Electric

    1 reviews

    Finding yourself or your child a safe and quality bike online can be a tough grind even if you are an experienced online buyer. While looking for b...

    Texas Hookah brand logo for reviews of E-smoking

    Texas Hookah

    1 reviews

    Have you been willing to satisfy all your hookah and shisha needs? If yes, then you can purchase hookah and shisha products and accessories from Te...

    Fold3.com brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Military history is often well-thought-out to be the history of all wars, not just taking notes of past events of the state militaries. It varies s...

    FlixBus.com brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    Traveling by road and rail are easily amongst the most adventurous ways of traveling. Unlike air and sea transport where you hardly see anything of...

    Mystment brand logo for reviews of E-smoking


    1 reviews

    One thing is sure the vaping industry is a hotbed of cutting-edge technology and innovation. For this reason, it's harder for many vapers to stay o...

    The Works brand logo for reviews of Gift shops

    The Works

    1 reviews

    Sometimes when we want to make some purchases online, we are often more concerned about the quality of the products than the price. For anything yo...

    DAZ 3D brand logo for reviews

    DAZ 3D

    1 reviews

    Daz 3D is a 3D animation software that is mainly gear towards hobbyists. This software takes some shortcuts to comfort the workflow. Either you can...

    Decluttr brand logo for reviews of Software Solutions


    1 reviews

    Do you have trashes of old CDs, DVDs, computer games or books which is involving some space in your room? Are you looking for a way of disposing th...

    Classmates brand logo for reviews


    1 reviews

    One way or the other, time flew by and the ties made with friends from high school are slowly severed. A classmate get-together is a fun way to sti...

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