How to get a second job during the COVID19 pandemic

How to get a second job during the COVID19 pandemic

As we struggle to bounce back from the economic hit of COVID-19, the question on many lips is whether they should be prepared to take a second job, get another financial backup, or they should maintain the status quo. While many may want to see the pandemic as an all-negative thing, there are, in fact, many online jobs now than before.

No wonder several people are now seeking ways to do well in online interviews. If you've suffered a pay cut or outright job loss, getting a second job is critical to your survival. In that case, you need the necessary online skills to do well in your interviews.

How Can We Prepare For An Online Interview?

Note that online interviews are just as critical as interviews in person. Coronavirus has left us in the stage of searching for another financial backup. Thereby, most of the interviews hold online. Here's how to get your interview ready:

  • Download the software in advance so that you have the chance to get used to it.

  • Create a professional username, such as a variation on your real name if it's available, as it appears on your resume.

  • Professionally dress even though you sit down. Wear comfortable shoes and trousers, as you never know when you're going to have to get up. Plus, it will help you get your head in the game by dressing up the part.

  • Clear your workspace and any clutter behind you so that it doesn't show up on the computer. You don't want to be disturbed by visual noise in the room by your interviewer or to feel that your disorganized space is an indication of how you will function with your job.

  • Have a sheet of paper ready and a pen, so you don't try to find them later.

  • If you have to refer to times, work names, or numbers, have a copy of your resume in your sightline.

  • Smile and concentrate and try and act as though you're in a regular, in-person interview. Look at the camera, listen closely, and get engaged with your interviewer. Do not just wait to talk for your turn.

  • Before the interview, practice using your webcam equipment to be confident it is working and comfortable doing video interviews.

How to Manage Working Two Jobs Without Going Crazy

  • Protect Your First Job

Be sure your first job does not have any conflict of interest with the second. It means you can tell your boss that you are working at a particular company for a second job.

The conflict of interest typically exists to protect company secrets and ensure that you do not simultaneously attend both jobs. You should have no issues, but it is easier to safeguard your full-time employment by taking this measure.

Also, do not let the second job encroach on the efficiency of your first job's work results. Perhaps your first job offers you benefits and generally a larger paycheck, the second should affect your productivity.

  • Schedule Your Time

You will find that other aspects of your life suffer a bit while you are working two jobs. For instance, you may not have time to keep up with housework or cook at home. As such, you must build a timetable that enables you to do these things effectively and only when needed. By having a routine for your second work, it can be easier to do this. It helps you arrange errands and activities on particular days and gives you time to prepare to do stuff with your buddies.

  • Find the Best Possible Second Job

First, when choosing what your second career would be, you should weigh all possible choices. Find a work that will pay better than the minimum wage if you have the requisite skills.

You will raise the amount you earn an hour by working for tips in a job such as a pizza delivery driver or waitress. Besides, look at your technical talents and see how you can adapt them to your opportunities for part-time work. An instructor can provide tutoring for $20 an hour or more.

Instead of a full-time job, you might be doing two part-time jobs. You need to find jobs that will pay well if this is the case. You can look up for jobs that interest you on Job Today. This a website to find all kinds of jobs that might fit into your area of specialty. Freelancing is one of the ideal ways to find new cash that can cost extra every hour.

Can You Make Money Taking Online Surveys?

An online survey is another means of making money while connected to the internet. It has nothing more to do than sign up, fill out a profile, and give your opinion on commercials, goods, services, and more.

Only how much money you can earn and how much effort is involved is the big question. Although you probably can't take online surveys to make a full-time living, you can use your spare time to earn a bit of cash. Or, to get other perks, such as free stuff, online surveys can suffice.

How Online Surveys Works

It's easy to take online surveys, but getting started can take a bit of time. Here are the steps that are involved:

  • Find an Agency to Sign Up for

There are many agencies online where you can sign up on their website. However, you can start with Quick Rewards. They are one of the best sites where you can earn money by simply completing surveys online.

  • Create A Profile And Fill It Out

For each organization for which you perform surveys, you will need a different profile, and you will want to fill out each profile with detailed information. An online survey company only trust people with clear information about them. So, if you continually want to get a survey task, fill out your profile with the required information. However, if you find it difficult, developing a better profile and CV for yourself, you can seek online companies' help. Resumonk reviews are one

  • Get Surveys

The majority of survey firms will notify you by email of available surveys. Some are instantly available for you to take with you. For others, to ensure you suit the demographic, you might have to spend a few minutes answering pre-survey questions. You will move on to take the survey if you do (and get the reward). Other times, you might get tasks that they expect you to review via your mail.

  • Take Surveys

React to questions only. It's often as easy as answering a few questions with different choices. You will need to type out long-form responses to more fundamental questions at other times.

  • Earn Rewards

The mechanism of incentives varies significantly from one enterprise to the next. Some businesses provide you with points that you can redeem for cash or other prizes. Others automatically move money to your PayPal account, and still, others enter your name into a drawing for sweepstakes.

How Much Can You Make From Completing Online Surveys

An online survey is not a quick scheme business, but you can make extra money for fun, debt payments, or investing. The rewards of the monetary survey vary from less than $1 to more than $20. But they are typical $1 to $5 at the lower end of that spectrum.

Other businesses won't offer you cash. But they can help you save money by giving you free items that you need to test for the survey, often full-size items. It is another exciting way of getting free household goods, personal care products, diapers, and other stuff you regularly use.

When you take a survey, other businesses will join you in sweepstakes drawing. The more you take polls, the more chances you have to win. Sometimes, it can frustrate you because you don't usually get a reward right away. But with some excellent prizes, including gift cards, items, and cash, they can pay off.

The total amount of surveys you can do is based on the businesses you sign up with, the demographic you fit into, and how many surveys you can take. If you're in a population that often requires a survey study, you will get more chances to make money, thereby earning potential for the survey.

Some businesses often give incentives, points, or cash to refer others to the service, such as Quick Rewards, so this is another part of survey-taking to find out. The key is to use surveys to make money when you would otherwise not be doing something.

How US-Reviews Can Help You Find a Job

A review website is not a typical go-to online destination when looking for a job. But that is not entirely true with US-Reviews. Besides having a list of companies on the site, you can know more about their operations and working ideology to pass an online interview. Also, people's comments about their product can help you decide whether they are legit or not. You will agree that these are needed when job-hunting.


There is nothing wrong with getting a second job if your condition warrants it, and you are fit enough. However, make sure it doesn't affect the first and primary work. Also, read reviews to know more about your company of interest.

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