Best Warframes to try out in Warframe today

Best Warframes to try out in Warframe today

Warframe features over forty different playable frames, and few of them are completely poor choices. In one case or another, most frames are useful. But because of their strong abilities and usefulness in a wide range of mission types, some Warframes stand above the pack. Right now, here are my picks.

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Saryn is your Warframe, when you have to wipe out an entire map of enemies' worth. Her ability to spore is one of the games strongest mass damage-dealing abilities, and her ultimate Miasma makes it even more lethal. In reality, Saryn is so deadly that playing with one of your team always means your enemies are going to fall dead before you have a chance to shoot them. Is that upsetting? Perhaps, but few Warframes will hit her in terms of sheer destructiveness before Saryn gets nerfed or the top ten war frames in the game.

Grinding for the Saryn Warframe can be a bit of a chore, so if you want to see if its worth your time, you can visit and check a Warframe account with your preferred armor to get a feel for it.


The kit of Protea makes her a jack-of-all-trades, able to heal allies, generate resources, lock down areas, and with her ult do massive burst damage. There's just nothing like triggering her fours for a couple of seconds, spamming grenades and turrets, then getting all of your energy back to do it again. Equip mods to improve cast speed capability for full fun.


Mesa sports agility and abilities with secondary weapons, but let's be honest, for her Peacemaker potential, you're running her. In her best Bayonetta imitation, this strength lets her wield her dual Regulator handguns, wiping out everyone in sight. Casting her Shatter Shield power beforehand decreases her vulnerability, and maximizing the length of her power helps ensure that nobody else is left standing when the smoke clears.

The Mesa armor can sometimes be polarizing to its users, so you can consider buying a new Warframe account from to see if it’s worth a shot.


Wisp has a large energy reservoir, another well-rounded frame that lets her make the most of her strong abilities. Reservoirs is one of Warframe 's strongest team buffs, granting haste, bonus health, and a proximity shock ability to Wisp and her allies. In defense-style missions, the summoned pods are indestructible and last forever, making Wisp particularly useful. Will-o-Wisp offers a mobility force to Wisp, and Breach Surge is a helpful debuff that blinds enemies and hurts them. Finally, for when you've had enough and just want every Grineer you can see to fall over, Sol Gate is an enormous fricking laser beam.


Octavia 's abilities are all built around her Mandachord, a fully functioning music sequencer, one of the most complicated war frames in the game. Her Resonator and Mallet offer powerful debuffs, and if you can move to the music, that is, Metronome gives her and her allies a variety of useful advantages, such as increased movement speed, multishots, and bonus melee damage.


Nova is a bit of a glass cannon, without any substantial defensive capabilities to worry about. But, being both lethal and flexible, her offensive abilities make up for this. Her ult, Molecular Prime, marks antimatter around all enemies, rendering them more vulnerable, slowing them down, and detonating them to death. In reality, equipping mods that give Nova negative Skill Strength can make enemies move faster, making her especially helpful in accelerating defense missions. Null Star gives her some resistance to damage while offering some bonus firepower as well. The Worm Hole is a basic mobility force that can hold bullets and other projectiles as well. Finally, Antimatter Drop is a tricky skill to understand, but when mastered, one of the most dangerous forces in Warframe.


Drop into a task, dump most of your health into Scarab Armour, use Desiccation to stun enemies, hit them with finishers to recover your health, and become an unkillable Egyptian God Card. Playing Inaros goes like this. If that's not enough, in Devour, you have an uninterruptible healing power that can also transform enemies into allies, not to mention Sandstorm 's endless fun and area control. Inaros is a Warframe Killer Solo, but by healing allies with Scarab Swarm, it can also assist teams. Plus, he has just got a Prime model with better stats that makes him look even more classy.


Speaking of tanks, Rhino is one of Warframe's most effective ones. Using Iron Skin renders him almost invulnerable and immune to the effects of status. Roar is one of the game's most helpful team buffs, greatly raising the harm of allies. Rhino Charge is a valuable ability for agility that can confuse enemies as well, and Rhino Stomp is an easy-to-use tool for crowd control. Rhino may be a simple Warframe, but when you're this hard, who needs complexity?

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