Classic Christmas Movies to Enjoy With The Family

Classic Christmas Movies to Enjoy With The Family

Christmas is a season in which Christians from all countries of the world celebrate the birth or nativity of Jesus Christ.

Each season provides an opportunity for families to spend time together. There are many activities one can get involved in, such as shopping or visitation, some might prefer to watch Christmas movies with their families.

Enjoying Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are characterized by one or more of the traditional Christmas themes such as faith, family, hope, redemption, love, or fear.
But then, how do you know which movies to watch? In addition to publicly accessible reviews about streaming services, this article discusses some classic Christmas movies you can watch.

Christmas Movies on Hulu:

The following list will help you pick some Christmas movies on Hulu.

The Holiday

is a movie that portrays two lonely women swapping homes for the Christmas holidays, hoping that the change of environment will bring them the required Joy. But they discover that happiness is more about who you're with and less about where you are.

Jingle All The Way

treats you to the exciting sight of two dads in a funny game of cat-and-mouse, each trying to get the best Christmas gift for their sons.


Reindeers are an integral part of Christmas, and thus, a movie where a young girl tried to nurse a wounded reindeer back to health captures the expression "Old but Gold" in all its essence.

12 Pups of Christmas

talks about a businessman who loves dogs, struggling with how to find homes for 12 puppies abandoned just before the holidays. But while at it, they end up finding more abandoned pups.

Every other Holiday:

To fulfill their children's Christmas wish, a couple agrees to spend the holidays together. The twist comes when they both realize that their love for each other still lives.

Other options from Hulu would include: So This is Christmas, Christmas Crush, Elf, and A Nasty Piece of Work. Check out Hulu reviews to find out what other viewers have to say.

Disney Christmas Movies

If you're not visiting a Disneyland resort this Christmas, then you should be streaming these movies on Disney.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

is an animated classic that tries to adapt Charles Dickens' 1843 novella, A Christmas Carol. Your favorite Disney characters were cast in the movie.

Home Alone

features the hero, Kevin McCallister, an 8-year old who uses his wit to Ward off burglars from his family home. Though the movie has been around for 31 years, Kevin’s tricks get us every time.

The Santa Claus

is a classic comedy about an estranged dad who tries to bond closer with his family. But the movie doesn't end there; there's The Santa Clause 2 and 3!

The Ultimate Christmas Present.

Two 13-year-old girls find a weather machine. But things take a creepy turn when a storm takes over their home in Los Angeles.

The Christmas Star

is a 1986 Christmas movie about an escaped convict who gets two kids to believe that he is the real Santa Claus. For opinions on this and other Disney Christmas movies, read Disney movie club reviews now.

Animated Christmas Movies:

Read the list and see what catches your fancy if you love cartoons. You can watch them all if you have difficulty choosing.

Little Spirit:

This is a movie about a New York cab driver who tells two young sisters a tale of a boy named Leo, who lost his dog in central park when he moved to the city with his family. His heartbreak only lasts till a magical creature named little spirit takes him on an incredible adventure.

Casper's Haunted Christmas:

After Casper is said to have fallen back on his ghost duties, he goes on a mission to scare at least one person on Christmas Eve or sick being exiled to the land of wicked ghosts. Not a good thing for a friendly ghost, is it?

Maria Carey's All I Want for Christmas is you:

If you love this song, you'll definitely enjoy the Real-life feel given to it in this animated Christmas movie about a young girl who wishes to get a puppy for Christmas.

A Charlie Brown Christmas:

This is a 1965 movie featuring Charlie Brown on a journey to find out the true meaning of Christmas.

Santa's Apprentice:

What can be done when Santa doesn't want to retire? But then, the rules say he must train an apprentice, so Santa has no choice in the matter. Find out how Santa's Apprentice fared in this 2010 movie.

Amid all the fun with movies, remember that you can still order Christmas dinner for your family. A rundown of the classics discussed in this article includes The Holidays, Jingle all the way, Prancer, 12 Pubs of Christmas, Every other Holiday, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Home Alone, The Santa Clause, The Ultimate Christmas Present, The Christmas Star, Little Spirit, Casper's Haunted Christmas, Maria Carey's All I Want for Christmas is you, A Charlie Brown Christmas and Santa's Apprentice. Viewers’ feedback on Veggie tales reviews can give you more movies to add to the list.

With each passing day, Christmas draws nearer. The rest of the holidays would be made worthwhile with just the best Christmas movies for your family when you are done with the Christmas shopping frenzy, decorations, and the like.

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