Where to Stream the Best Films and Digital Contents at Affordable Rates on Black Friday

Where to Stream the Best Films and Digital Contents at Affordable Rates on Black Friday

The year is fast coming to an end, and is there any need to say again that this has been a year of strange surprises so far? It certainly feels like each month in the year has been filled with different events that are mostly gloomy. Well, if it does feel that way for you, then it might be time to pull out a smile because Black Friday is almost here! You might finally be able to lay your hands on those products you’ve always loved, and at lower prices too.

What and When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a day set aside for customers to enjoy goods and services at bargain prices. The history of Black Friday goes further back than you may think. The tradition began in America when people would phone in sick after Thanksgiving just so they could begin their holiday shopping a little bit early. It got the name ‘Black Friday’ from the Philadelphia Police in America when they used the phrase to describe the crowding, violence, and traffic jams that became synonymous with the day.

In an attempt for retailers to retaliate against the negative connotations the Police had stigmatized the day with, they adopted the name to reflect the success of the day because, for them, it was a highly profitable day. So profitable that it is one of the most profitable days of the year in America.

This year, Black Friday falls on the 26th of November as it is always a day after Thanksgiving, which itself is on the fourth Thursday of November. A lot of money is spent during Black Friday. An estimate puts the expected amount to be spent in the United Kingdom during Black Friday this year to be about £7 Billion. The United States’ expected sale is going to dwarf that of the United Kingdom as the total is expected to be about $58 Billion.

The World of Digital Content Streaming

Nowadays, there is a preference to watch movies and TV shows through the internet using platforms that stream digital content. There are a lot of these platforms out there and each of them offers a plethora of movies and TV shows to choose from. These platforms charge a fee for either monthly or yearly access to all of their contents. They also have different plans that offer different features. The more expensive the plan, the more the features you get out of them.

Some of these platforms are more popular than the other and they also differ in some ways. For instance, there are digital content streaming platforms which offer only TV shows. Others have movies and even documentaries for you to keep yourself entertained with. They also offer contents based on your region.

During Black Friday sale, some of these platforms decrease their subscription fees so that customers can enjoy the same amazing contents for a fraction of the cost. There are a host of these platforms out there that give discounts around this period, and this means it can be head aching to make your choice.

Listed below are two platforms where you can stream the best films and digital content at affordable rates on Black Friday.

Stream Premium Digital Contents at Lower Prices on Rakuten

Rakuten is a video-on-demand streaming service. On Rakuten, you can make permanent purchases of movies and TV series. You can subscribe to the platform for timed access to their movies and TV shows. Lastly, you are allowed to rent too. Rakuten boasts a catalog that includes content from top studios around the world.

Rakuten offers discounts on its subscription-based plan during Black Friday, and they offer discounts as high as 60 percent off. With this, you can enjoy the latest titles in their catalog at next to no cost. They are one platform you do not want to miss out on this November.

Watch Latest Movies and TV Shows at Huge Discounts on Disney Plus

The name gives it away. Disney Plus is a video-on-demand streaming service owned by The Walt Disney Company, and you can get a lot of exciting offer from them this Black Friday. Disney Plus is focused on family-oriented entertainment, which means you don’t have to be worried about the kids stumbling on a show that is inappropriate for their age. Being a Walt Disney owned service, the platform offers content from its other studios like Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and even the National Geographic.

During Black Friday, Disney Plus is a platform that presents you with the opportunity to access to a host of contents at very affordable rates. The platform hasn’t been around for long so you can expect a lot of exciting offers this November from them as a strategy to tempt people into subscribing to the platform.

The platforms listed above and a host of others offer you the chance to stream high quality films and digital contents this Black Friday. Hurry, and take up the offers while they last.

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