6 Ways to Save Money on Airport Parking Spaces

6 Ways to Save Money on Airport Parking Spaces
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Airport parking is a necessity for most travelers. With multiple options available like on-site, off-site, covered or valet parking, deciding which one will be suitable for you is perplexing. However, cost and convenience are the two important deciding factors for airport parking.

So, booking which parking space will cost you the least? And should you take lower prices as an indication of poor services? Read the following article to find answers to these and many such burning questions for making your trip cost-effective.

How to Find Cheap Airport Parking?

Compare Prices & Customer Ratings
Imagine you return from a wonderful trip and find your car covered in layers of dirt and dust. Could you expect anything worse than this? Getting in a car standing from days in the sun or under snowfall will be equally annoying. So, checking out the services and then comparing prices is the first step toward finding a good yet cheap airport parking company.

But how can you verify the claims of a company? Finding out the experience of previous customers is the best way to do this. Several websites like US-Reviews allows customers to share their honest feedback about different car services including airport parking and transfer. By reading them, you can have a clear understanding of how efficient AirportParking and other parking services are.

Book the Lot in Advance

The earlier you search for a parking space, the cheaper it will be. Booking at the last moment can cost you extra charges plus finding a space becomes challenging. During high demand times like holidays or festivals, the parking spaces are scarcer and hence the prices further ramp up. So, even if you are planning a trip on a public holiday, booking in advance can save you from incurring the eye-watering charges.

How Much is Airport Parking? Don’t Forget to Check This Out

Depending upon how busy an airport is, the price range varies. If you choose to fly from LaGuardia airport or MDW airport, the parking spaces are sure going to cost you an arm and a leg. In LaGuardia, the parking fee is around $39 whereas in ORD, LAX or MDW airports, the parking can cost $40/day.

In contrast, the Charlotte airport has the cheapest rates and you can park there at minimal rates of around $10/day. Besides, choosing the least crowded airports have several other benefits. The average airfare, luggage-cart rental and even the price of a coffee cup differs with each airport. Hence, acting wisely can turn the tables in your favor and you can save money in manifold ways.

Offsite Airport Parking is More Affordable

If you are flying from a crowded airport, parking there or somewhere near it will have high prices. In such situations, find a parking space away from the airport. This will probably cost you a fraction of what parking onsite can cost.

However, don’t think that distant airport parking means you won’t make it to the airport or you’ll have to pay the taxi fares for arriving at or from the airport. Most of the offsite airport parking companies offer free shuttle services to drop you on time and pick you when you return back to home.

Look for the Discounts

Many airports and parking companies offer discounts on different occasions. You can follow the social media accounts of airports to get updates on when they are offering promotional discounts or holiday extras.

Similarly, different airport parking chains like Park ‘N Fly often offer discounts to their customers. If you are a frequent flier, share this with both the airports and parking companies. You are surely going to get some additional and long-term parking discount packages.

Other than that, some credit card companies love to reward travelers for airport parking. Inquire if yours is the one and enjoy earning extra points per every dollar spent on booking parking spaces and even on meals or accommodation during the trip.

Didn't Find Any Reasonable Parking Space? The Nearby Hotels May Help Out

For those living away from the airport and have early departure or late arrival times, looking for nearby hotels can save them a pretty penny. Though paying for a hotel stay to get an overnight parking space may sound stupid, but it can really get you into a bargain.

For example, parking near DFW airport for 14-days can cost around $150. In comparison, you can find a nearby hotel charging about $79 for one night stay along with offering free parking space for two weeks and shuttle service.

Such types of offers are easily available at locations where there are multiple hotels around the airport. Do consider checking for this option and you can easily find a good parking space at an affordable price.

The Way Forward

Finding cheap parking space is not an impossibility. You just need to know the available options, compare their price ranges and book a parking lot accordingly. If you need some more information about buying cars, car servicing and parking, feel free to read all about it in our car service guide.

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