Top affordable cars to rent for long trips

Top affordable cars to rent for long trips
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Coronavirus is still here. And as we have seen so far, chances are that it will not go away so easily. The presence of that virus has urged many people to opt for a different summer this year. Many planned different vacations. The best way this year to plan a vacation and forget all about safety measures and the fear of catching the virus is to go on a long car trip to explore and go on a countryside getaway around the US and stay as far away as possible from family hotels and cheap resorts. You and your family can go for a budget car rental or a luxury car rental, depending on your budget, and visit the best landscapes and villages that you always wanted to visit.

Just a word of advice before you decide to do so. Before choosing an affordable car to rent and travel long roads, it is better if you read all the 2020 reviews (such as the ones found on US-Reviews) and also customer experience comments before selecting one. This way you will save money and time and you will not ruin your vacation. There are plenty of rental companies that offer many options (few of these are AVIS, Alamo Rent a Car, and many more). Just make sure to choose wisely.

But which is the best car to rent?

Have you always wanted to travel to the countryside and stay at your favorite country inn (such as the Country Inns & Suites)? Well, now it is your chance. You can rent an affordable car, pack your things, and hop in. You are ready to see beautiful sights and make some new memory. But, which is the best car to rent for your trip?

There are many options you can choose from. Just note that selecting your rental car would be one of the first things to consider in order to better organize your road trip. Choosing the best one is important and will determine the success of your stay because this vehicle will be your faithful companion for the entire duration of the trip and thanks to it you will live great memories in highways and open roads whilst devouring mile after mile.

Before going on, though, with the matter of choosing the best car, there are other parameters that you need to take into consideration. Some of them are the following:

  • What are the rental conditions?

  • Which rental company will you use?

  • What type of insurance will you use?

  • Pay attention to the small print and extra fees and charges.

  • International driving license or not?

  • Which bank card to use to rent your car?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on such a big journey. Once you have an answer to all these, then it is time to focus on the model of the car you will choose. This is a major decision if we take into consideration the number of miles you will cross, the hours you will pass behind the wheel for the driver, and in the seats for the passengers as well as the trunk size for your luggage.

You should also know that you are not choosing simply a car but rather a vehicle category (economy, sedan, compact car, mid-size car, SUV, minivan, convertible, etc.). You should also know that if you are dreaming of driving a certain car on the open road, there are chances that your dream will not be realized. More and more renting companies have in their fleet Japanese and Korean models, cars that are usually very comfortable and reliable.

First and foremost, you need to always think bigger. If, for example, you are traveling with three other people, you need to avoid the Ford Focus compact since you will soon feel cramped to space. Furthermore, since the possibility of traveling off the beaten path during your journey, the ideal vehicle for a road trip in the USA will be a spacious, comfortable SUV allowing you to make small escapes off the highway. When it comes to road behavior, to available space, to comfort, and possibilities, this is the best model. As we mentioned previously, do not hesitate to choose a superior height model so as to be comfortable inside it given the fact that you are going to spend many hours and miles inside it.

If you wish to complete a road trip with four people in a compact SUV such as the Jeep Compass, we can assure you that the livability will soon become limited and that every morning you will you be very cramped for space. Furthermore, if you wish to partake on a similar road trip, you need to take the car equipment into consideration. The ideal car must equip with air-conditioning. You will face, during your trip, different weather conditions, some of them harsh. Your car must be able to assist you in every aspect of your trip.

Furthermore, if you can find and rent a car with automatic transmission, that would be ideal. It will save you tons of fatigue and give you a chance to enjoy the surroundings. The car must also have electric windows that the driver can control from the main console for safety reasons along with USB and 12V sockets. In a road trip, being able to charge your phone or your other devices is of paramount importance. Furthermore, the ideal car for such trips must have radio satellites, GPS and a multimedia center where you can listen to music, watch a film or connect to your social media accounts.

All the above factors are of paramount importance when searching for a top affordable car to rent and travel long road trips at 2020. Of course, price is also of the essence but make sure not to sacrifice the car quality. A long road trip must not be taken lightly and your car must always assist you in making your journey pleasurable and easy.

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