How to Search for Cheap Car Rental Services?

How to Search for Cheap Car Rental Services?
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Public transport cannot take you everywhere. Neither do they move according to your choice. In case you don’t have a personal vehicle or are miles away on a tour, car rentals can offer you the ease of transportation. However, with facility comes hefty sums which you might incur if certain points are neglected.

Below are the 5 tips to make car rentals affordable for you. Also, we have thrown in some cost-determining factors. Considering them will give you a rough estimation of how much renting a car can cost you.

5 Ways to Find Cheapest Car Rentals

Visit the Car Rental Reviewing Sites

Renting a car especially when visiting a foreign country requires considering several points. Each rental company has different price lists, services, special offers and some hidden conditions you might regret ignoring. Hence, to inquire about the best car services, you need to dig deeper.

The best way to do this is by knowing how contended the customers are with different car rental companies. Whether you want to explore New York, Chicago and other cities, or plan to go to a foreign country, you can easily find reviews on companies that offer car rental services there.

Websites like US-Reviews share customer experiences with different car rental services reviews. By looking through them, you can evaluate which car rental agency can be your go-to choice.

Don’t Overlook the Small Car Rental Companies

Though big names have always earned limelight in the car rental industry, some small-scale companies can charge you less just to build a reputation in the market. By checking out Thrifty and Sixt Car Rental reviews, and feedback on such other companies, you are likely to find the same services at low cost.

You can also consider peer-to-peer car sharing options offered by Turo and many other car rentals. In carsharing, the owners don’t have to meet the expenses of running a company so they have comparatively low prices.

Book the Cheapest Economy Car

Unless you have a large group of family or are off-roading, you don’t really need an expensive car. Several car insurance companies including Hertz offer economy cars at minimal prices. Booking them is one way of saving money.

However, as you are not the only one looking to cut corners, chances are that the cheaper vehicles will be unavailable and the company will have to automatically upgrade you to a better car at the same price.

Whereas in case you weren’t fortunate enough, don’t fret as the small cars are not that bad and will cost less for refueling.

Insurance is Not Always Necessary

The car rentals will always convince you to get insurance. We recommend not lending an ear to such proposals if you have comprehensive car insurance for your personal vehicle. In most cases, the coverage will extend to the rental vehicle but make sure to verify this from your insurer.

Other than that, credit card insurance is quite helpful. By paying for the car rentals from your credit card, you will probably qualify for protection coverage without paying any extra charges.

Say No to Upgrades

The rental company will not only tempt you to buy insurance or upgraded vehicles, but they will also try to earn extra by offering add-ons. We suggest not investing in such offers unless you require them. This includes:

- A GPS unit for the car but as it is already in your cell phone, you won’t need it in most cases

- Pay for the toll passes by yourself rather than letting the rental agency pay, it will cost cheaper

- Bring along the car seat if possible, or the rental agency will charge you between $10-$15 per day

- Instead of paying for satellite radio, use your phone to listen to broadcasts

Determinants for Car Rental Prices

How much renting a car can cost depends upon various factors. Remember that the price of car rentals can change within a fraction of minutes. In case you find an extra-low offer, it's better to grab the opportunity without waiting for further declination.

Your Age

If you are below 25, you will have to pay around $25 per day to rent a car. Also, sports car rental or renting some other specific car classes is restricted for this age.

Timing Matters

Booking at the last moment can literally double the amount for you. So, it’s better to have a booking before three to six months. If there is Christmas or Thanksgiving around the corner, expect paying high prices.


The location from where you are renting the car also affects the price range. Detroit is the most expensive state and can cost you approximately $446/week for an economical car. In contrast, Orlando has the cheapest car rentals with an average price of $120/week.

The Bottom Line

By investing some time in searching for the right insurance company, you can avoid paying extra money for insignificant services. Be smart and start saving for your other future goals from today.

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