Ideas to upgrade your car in order to maintain its value

Ideas to upgrade your car in order to maintain its value
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Do you desire to offer to your car certain upgrades and ameliorations so as to brighten and liven up your days and hours spent in it? Of course, you can always come up with ideas on how to tune a car but with some finishing touches, you can improve its look, its efficiency, and your everyday life.

So, if you desire to acquire a new driving feeling or better to ameliorate the road capacity of your vehicle, whether it is a used car or a new one, you can find here certain modifications that you can easily perform. Some of the following changes you can actually perform on your own without requiring and needing car services.

  • Rims

Changing your car rims can play a double role permitting you at the same to largely ameliorate the looks of your car but also to improve its behavior and its road handling. Evidently, if you are already covered, you can go your way. For a city car with 13 or 14 inches rims, the use of 15 inches rims can give to your car a sweet look. For a compact car, you can go all the way to 17 inches, something that will provide you with the perfect combination between comfort and efficiency and that without referring to dubious taste tuning (on the contrary). For sedans and minivans, 17 inches rim are also a fit. Try not to go over 18 inches since this will be too much.

It is also essential not to forget the width of the rim, equally important as the diameter. The bigger the tire the better its road handling as well as its consumption. Note also that the width of the rim slightly affects the turning radius. So, if you are an amateur when it comes to U-turns in the city, you need to think about it twice. But the effect generally remains very limited. Just a reminder: before you decide on a new or used rim, it is always important to read customer reviews such as the ones found on US-Reviews so as to know that the rim you are buying is good for you.

  • Shock absorbers/suspensions

Replacing your suspension system can also change the look of your car in two ways. First of all, the use of a quality suspension will increase road handling due to sharper equipment but also it will allow you to lower its body height. The reduction of your car’s body height brings with it certain advantages:

  • A decrease in consumption costs

  • Its appearance is largely ameliorated

  • The car’s behavior is improved due to a lower center of gravity

But it also brings disadvantages:

  • If your car is too low, certain obstacles and roads will be more difficult to cross. But, in order to get there, you need to exaggerate a bit on how low you take your car.

  • The comfort factor can be slightly altered due to less clearance

Whatever you decide though regarding buying new car replacement parts, there are many 2020 Car companies and manufacturers. You can even buy your new car parts online, from places like AutoZone, Auto Parts Warehouse, or CarParts.

  • Motor, the heart of your car

There is a growing trend between car drivers these days and that is switching to natural gas motors. The economy and reduced pollutants are the basic motives behind this certain decision. This specific decision comes with many pros and cons. First of all, vehicles that run on natural gas present reduced CO2 emissions (by 10% compared to petrol and 5% compared to oil. Also, the car emits 40% fewer particles than oil and 60% fewer nitrogen oxides than conventional cars. Furthermore, a motor running on natural gas is quieter than a conventional motor.

Another major reason behind this is that natural gas is 30% cheaper compared to oil and 50% cheaper compared to gasoline. Additionally, a convention car can be converted to natural gas and you do not need to buy a new car like in the case of diesel cars. Finally, natural gas does not cause any damage to your motor as in the case of gasoline and your car’s maintenance requires only changing filters now and then. Not to mention the larger lifespan of your motor since burning LPG does not leave residues to your motor cylinders affecting in a positive manner its life span. Just remember, before going forward with such a decision to check motor replacement prices so as to find the better deal.

  • Tinted windows: This is not everyone’s cup of tea but many people opt for this specific car upgrade wanting to maintain its value in 2020. Among its various advantages, we can say that they help reduce the temperature inside the car in case of high temperatures, they offer discretion from unwanted looks and also they help in the reduction of theft incidents and vandalism incidents. When it comes to disadvantages, the loss of lateral visibility during the night is important. And we can say that they add an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to reselling it since tinted windows are not preferred by everyone.

  • Integrated multimedia: Trust us on that. This is an upgrade that must be present in every car. Here the solution is very simple, it will make your stay inside the car more pleasurable for you and for your family and if it comes to selling it back then its value will be doubled. The first thing you need to do is buy a smartphone that has a dedicated or even universal support system. This way you can have unlimited access to music with your subscriptions, access to Google maps, and GPS. You can also put a movie on, something that will help pass the time easier.

No matter the car upgrade you will choose, the important thing is to take care of your car. When it will be time to sell, you will definitely thank us.

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