7 Best Places to Watch Fireworks on New Year’s Eve in the United States

7 Best Places to Watch Fireworks on New Year’s Eve in the United States

Fireworks on New Year's Eve are a common sight. How do you welcome in the New Year if not with the skies lit up with coloured flames and sparks from explosive pyrotechnic devices? You would most likely see them, especially once the clock chimes twelve and the New Year begins thereafter.

In the United States, almost all the major celebrations are displayed with fireworks. The fourth of July — fireworks! New Year’s Eve — fireworks! National triumphs — fireworks! The restoration of peace — fireworks! Besides these, other thanksgiving events and celebrations also have witnessed pyrotechnics. Safe to say fireworks are part-and-parcel of the Americans.

Fireworks on New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve in the United States often is a witness to different types of fireworks like firecrackers, missiles, rockets, sparklers, ground spinners, smoke bombs, poppers, snaps, and snakes. Besides aesthetic purposes, fireworks can serve other menacing entertainment purposes such as the ones used in bottle rocket fights. However, many of these games have been considered unsafe due to the damages involved.

Nonetheless, you can still be safely entertained. Staged fireworks displays are popular in and peculiar to many American states on New Year's Eve. It would have been business as usual in New York City or Los Angeles, with hundreds of people gathered to witness the fun and excitement of pyrotechnics, if not for the restrictions placed on gatherings due to the outbreak of the virus.

New Year’s Fireworks Near Me

The restrictions placed on gatherings stretch to making long journeys, so it is advisable that if you are to witness a public display of fireworks, you should go to the ones near you. Although there is a limit to the number of people allowed to witness the displays, if you are quick enough you can get in. Otherwise, you can have fun right from your home or your car and witness a range of illicit pyros in your neighbourhood which are certain to happen.

The public display of fireworks in Las Vegas this year has been cancelled. The same thing goes for Chicago, Illinois, and Times Square whose display is very limited. Still, there are places to visit to watch fireworks on New Year's Eve in the United States.

1. Fireworks in Houston

This New Year's Eve fireworks are certain to happen around San Jacinto, Richmond, and at the Barn in Cypress, all in Texas. These three events cost as little as $10 (one is even free) and begin by 7.pm on December 31. Ensure to look them up and be familiar with the schedule and arrangements before you dive into them.

2. Countdown to 2021 in Dallas

Fireworks on new year’s eve in Dallas will shoot from the Reunion Tower's ball, spreading across the sky to mark the start of the year. However, only registered guests are said to be allowed to witness the event. And if registration closes, you are assured of seeing it from other vantage points in the city or in-house by tuning into the TV.

3. Welcome Ball Drop in New York

One of the most iconic NYE events in the US is the Times Square Ball Drop. Like others, only a limited group of people would be allowed to witness the event in-person. Everyone else would have to console themselves by watching from the TV.

4. Same Pattern for Los Angeles

Los Angeles is largely in the depth of the pandemic and has been regarded as highly contagious. There are claims that NYE events won't happen in this area, but if it does it would follow the same pattern as others with limited guests and in-house viewing.

5. Chicago, Illinois, is a Beaut

In Chicago, the Navy Pier is home to hundreds of people for its New Year's Eve fireworks show. However, this year's event would be different. The Pier has closed its facility due to losses caused by the virus.

6. Las Vegas Can Be Magical

From the SkyLounge in the Stratosphere Tower or at Chateau and Beer Park, fireworks would have been an endearing way to ring the New Year in Las Vegas. But this won't happen this year.

7. Florida and Places with Fireworks

You could watch fireworks on new year’s eve from the Icon Park, Sky Tower at SeaWorld, or Legoland and enjoy the amazing views these places hold. But maybe next year.


These are some of the best places to watch fireworks on New Year’s eve in the United States. While many of them have gone virtual due to the virus, you can still catch up on the available ones or tune into your TVs. Happy celebrations!

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