How Will This Halloween 2020 Be In The US?

How Will This Halloween 2020 Be In The US?

COVID-19 has significantly affected our social lives, so much that it has become impossible to gather and celebrate together as we once used to do. With Halloween at hand, people are considering ways to remain safe and prevent contracting the virus. As the infection rate continues to soar in the United States, there is a need for adults and children to find ways to maintain their safety.

As Halloween day approaches, people are still skeptical of going with the traditional ways of celebrating Halloween. A few are geared at celebrating Halloween in the usual ways and seeking to enjoy it to the fullest. However, there is a need to protect ourselves while taking the necessary measures to safeguard others.

The Current State of Coronavirus in the US

The United States is one of the worst-hit countries by the coronavirus, with over 8 million cases recorded and above 200,000 deaths to date. Infection rates keep increasing in the country, cutting across demographics, races, social groups, ages, and backgrounds. Governments at different levels have, in response, prohibited some social activities and other forms of gathering to reduce the spread of the virus.

Since people contract coronavirus through contact and proximity to those who have the virus, it thus means that we must always keep our distance. Some of the guidelines set up to prevent the virus' spread include maintaining social distance, wearing a face mask, avoiding shaking hands, and other measures to reduce the virus' spread.

Thus activities like the traditional way we celebrate Halloween will be affected. To protect ourselves and others, we have to restrict some of the usual activities we carry out on Halloween.

Should Your Children Go Out to Do "Trick and Treat"

Many parents have been concerned about the coronavirus and allowing their kids to go out for the upcoming Halloween. This is a day both adults and children have been looking forward to all year, but it seems this year's celebration may not go like previous ones. However, the governing bodies have set up recommendations and guidelines on how best to allow your children to celebrate during the coronavirus.

The record has shown that people are less likely to contract the coronavirus from outdoor activities than indoor ones. Furthermore, if you want to consider your kids going out for Halloween, you keep the following measures to keep adults and children safe.

  • Find the appropriate costume for Halloween.

Halloween comes with amazing costumes and outfits to celebrate the period. However, in consideration of the safety measures to prevent the coronavirus' spread, parents can provide appropriate costumes with face masks and gloves to further protect the children.

Check out customer reviews about Floryday on US-Reviews for the best costumes for your kids during the coronavirus. There you will find information on how parents can provide the necessary costume for their kids.

  • Parents should accompany their kids for trick and treating

Another measure that you should take as a parent is to accompany your kids to trick and treating. This measure is necessary to keep the children at a safe social distance and ensure that they maintain the guidelines and stay secure from others and themselves.

In keeping up with the fun of the season, while not wearing a costume along as you guide the kids, check out customer reviews on suitable Halloween costumes for adults, or you can go with the Grinch pajamas for the family.

  • Use hand sanitizers

As you accompany your kids' trick and treat, you should also have hand sanitizers with you. Apply these sanitizers whenever you receive candies or come in contact with other people.

  • Don't go door to door

This year, we should not go about ringing bells and knocking on doors for candies. You should have a candy post outside your house to keep up with the tradition. Avoid eating on the road, as you should get to your homes, take off your clothes, and shower before you eat the candies.

How to Throw a Halloween Party

Is it advisable to throw a Halloween party during this period and with the increasing rate of coronavirus? It's possible to have a party with your friends and family, following the guidelines stated for this purpose. To get the party going, visit an adult shop to have all the necessary tools you will need.

Check out Noracora and Zaful for suitable Halloween clothing and accessories for adults. In most cases, you can set a theme for the adult Halloween party, such as a rainbow Brite costume or silly costume for an adult-themed Halloween party. Furthermore, there are ways that you can have a Halloween party during this coronavirus period, as shown below:

  • Take your party online

With your costumes set for the party, the next consideration is the venue. Since you cannot have many people in a location, an online party will be apt. A meeting application like zoom can suffice to hold your Halloween party. Everyone can connect in real-time and have fun playing and dancing while showing off our costumes.

One advantage of holding a zoom party is that you can get many people involved in the party. It is also less costly to have a zoom party as everyone will be responsible for their drinks and refreshments.

  • Hold a small family Halloween party

If you want to hold a party at your house, then it must be for a limited number of people, and they should be able to practice safe social distancing. Since you can vouch for these people's health status, you can confidently have them as a guest for your small Halloween party at home.

  • Hold a party in an open field

Alternatively, you can hold a party and invite more friends over. Get the necessary party gear and accessories from the adult shop, and your sound system all set up outdoor. Everyone should, however, maintain social distance while refreshments are placed at tables for takeaway. Providing places for washings hands and other safety requirements to keep everyone safe and healthy Remember to have the necessary costumes and accessories for the party to have a good time.


It would be best if you had an idea of the rate of coronavirus infection in your vicinity. With a high infection rate, you may want to consider taking strict precautions as an adult and for your children. For the Halloween costumes for 2020, you may want to consider checking out the latest styles and outfits from US-Reviews, which will give you an idea of the newest trend due to coronavirus.

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