What are the best audiobooks for a road trip?

What are the best audiobooks for a road trip?

Road trips can be boring sometimes if you don't have the perfect partner for entertainment. In such cases, audiobooks and songs come up as the best saviour for a memorable road trip and make your journey quite easy. Good friends and family or other essentials for a road trip are as important for your road trip and need to be sorted out beforehand. But have you thought about the need for the best audiobooks for a road trip? Yes, that is also the best kind of entertainment you must plan before getting to start your journey.

Best audiobooks for a road trip

Listed below are some of the best audiobooks for a road trip that you can download and listen to cherish your trip.

The Big Money by John Dos

It is one of the audiobooks you can listen to, with a running time of approximately 19 hrs and 30 mins, narrated by David Drummond originally written by John Dos Passos. It is an experimental novel based on the deterioration of one of the severe warfare that damaged the overall youthfulness and idealism. The author explained the horrors of the world war and the true essence of life ahead of the destructive circumstances. It is considered one of the best road trip audiobooks one can carry along to their long road trip. This audiobook can be found on Audible and on Kobo.

One Two Three

One Two Three is a novel written by the famous writer Laurie Frankel, narrated by Emma Galvin, Jesse Vilinsky, and Rebecca Soler with an approximate runtime of 14 hours 58 minutes. The story of the audiobook revolves around a family residing in a small town, each having its side of the story and having a twist in their lives. The mother fights for justice due to chemical plant pollution which exploded a while ago. Mirabel is a character that cannot speak but struggles to get good grades through striving for a library book reading habit. It is a unique and fun package for someone who loves to listen to thrills and adventure. You can find this audiobook on Audible and Amazon.

Clean Gateway

It is considered the best road trip audiobook written by Nic Stone and narrated by Dion Graham with a run time of 3 hours 56 minutes. Interestingly, it is a story about a road trip featuring a boy whose holiday trip gets cancelled, but he is already headed on a strange and unconventional road trip alongside his grandma and a guide that is a book with unprecedented historical stories and memories. As they head towards the south, the main character William learns about different things, including his grandma who seems quite different from what he saw her all life. It is a must-listen adventurous story about a thrilling road trip with a fun storyline.

Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

If you are finding good audiobooks for a road trip, you can consider this one as a fair choice. Written by Elle Cosimano narrated by Angela Dawe, the story revolves around the two wild kids and, a former husband who took the nanny out of their job and the wife is planning something thrilling like a crime maybe murder, but she realizes that it is not as easy as in the writing. Twirling around a messy family with thrilling revelations can be a treat for road trips. You can listen to this audiobook on Scribd, Audible, and Macmillan.

How to find audiobooks?

With thousands of mediums out there, streaming audiobooks platforms should definitely be your first stop that offer the best-compiled audiobooks for the users. You can visit discounted retailers such as AudiobooksNow that sell the audiobooks for your road trip to make it comfortable for you to read your favorite books in the best quality audio format. You must be wondering about the company before you approach them. Well, you can read online reviews for different websites that sell audiobooks from Downpour reviews. It will help you in finding a reliable website for you to download that you can listen to across multiple devices.

Listening to audiobooks can aid in increasing your acquaintance and aid you avoid a boring trip by listening to your favorite plot twists and thrilling stories.

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