What to Do with Your Dog When You Travel – 7 Smart Tips

What to Do with Your Dog When You Travel – 7 Smart Tips

Many people believe that traveling with dogs is extremely challenging, if not impossible. As a result, most people anticipate they'll have to shell out a large quantity of money to cover the costs of dog-sitting while they're on the road. However, I discovered that with a little more study and planning, you can bring your four-legged companions along on almost every trip, and it's not as tough as you may imagine.

According to the National Pet Owners Survey from 2017–2018, 68 percent of US households have a pet. That's 89 million dogs, a 56 percent rise since 1988. And, of that figure, around 37% of pet owners travel with their pets at least once a year, up from only 19% a decade earlier. According to the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, more than four million live animals are carried on flights each year throughout the world. Because of this rising demand, the travel industry has had to react, and traveling with your dog is now simpler than ever.

So, what do you do when you wish to travel with them? It's a problem that a lot of travelers have as there are fewdogs’ friendly vacations. To help you navigate the problem, here are some tips to assist you on what to do with your dog when you travel.

1. Hire a dependable house and pet sitter

One option to combine the personal and professional is to hire a pet sitter. Many dogs like to stay in their own homes, so hiring a professional pet sitter to come in for feedings, walks, and playtimes is a good idea. Choose whether you want a sitter to come to your house once a day (or numerous times a day) to spend quality time with your pet, or if you want them to stay in your house for the duration of your vacation. Find someone you know and can entirely rely on to remain at your home and look for our pets.

2. Pet exchange in the neighborhood

Do you have any next-door neighbors? Do they have any pets? Everyone enjoys taking vacations throughout the year; why not chat to your neighbors about collaborating to help each other with their pets? Keeping your pet with neighbors is among what to do with your dog when you travel. Reach out to your neighbors who have pets and see if they'd be interested in forming a neighborhood pet collective with you. Start a Facebook group and assist each other out so you can rest certain that your dogs are being well cared for by individuals you can rely on.

3. Visits to private residences

Private residences among the options of where to leave dogs while on vacation. In-house visits are available from certain pet sitters, which is an excellent choice if you're going away for a few days and/or have a pet who doesn't mind being alone overnight. Essentially, you pay per home visit, and someone comes out once or twice a day to check on your pets and perform tasks such as walking them, changing cat litter, replenishing food and water, taking out your trash, and bringing in your mail. Simply perform a google search for pet sitters that do home visits in your region to discover someone who provides this service.

4. Pet hotel

A pet hotel, also known as a pet resort or a luxury animal kennel, is a high-end establishment that caters to the requirements of its customers' dogs. Most pet hotel owners like being around animals and are aware of their requirements. However, there are several respectable pet hotels and boarding kennels that have stress management and disease control procedures in place. In addition, your dog will receive a lot of socialization with other dogs and humans while staying at a pet hotel! This teaches your dog how to appropriately interact with other animals while also acclimating them to being around people. It can assist your dog in becoming more confident and well-behaved while meeting new people and animals. The greatest location to take your pet is a pet motel. Pet hotel is a best place to leave dog while on vacation

5. Go on vacations with your Dogs

Going on vacation with your dogs is the last resort on what to do with your dog when you travel. It can be fun to go on vacations with your dogs. In some cases, dogs are permitted, and this is becoming increasingly possible as the number of pet-friendly hotels increases. If you're going camping, your dog could appreciate being with you and your family in the great outdoors. However, double-check that your trip is pet-friendly, since many locations, such as parks and beaches, have "no dogs allowed" restrictions. However, if your dog enjoys traveling, going on dog-friendly vacations could be a nice change of pace. Search sites for best places to vacation with dogs tobegintheprocess.


There are quite a number of ways to handle the affairs of your dog when you are considering traveling. We believe this article has helped you in choosing the best option for you and your pet.

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